Sean Malone, Photographer

Thanks, Mom and Dad!

My dad shared with me his Canon AE-1, a developer, some trays, loads of bulk film and paper, and his love for photography when I was in the single digits. Our little farm in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, and memories from my early childhood in The Congo were fodder for imagination.

Countless, sleepless nights were spent in my makeshift darkroom (laundry room) to make magic with chemicals, film, and paper. Learning how to do it better than the time before was an obsessive curiosity. And later in high school, a business.

So, Pops, I have you to thank for sharing your gear and exposing me to photography in the first place. And Mums, I have you to thank for your endless creativity with pure optimism and positivity, and a perpetual smile that lights up the world. You've both given the gift of wonder, openness, and empathy for people, places, and things.

In addition to photography, I work on software products (

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