Sean Malone, Photographer

What to Wear
Tips for Your Photo Session

Choosing outfits for your photo shoot can be tough. Even harder with extended families or across multiple groups. Here are a couple key, simple guidelines to make it much easier, along with some examples.

1. Patterns:
Keep patterns subtle and/or layered. Bold or "loud" patters, insignias/logos are generally not great. Of course you should pick something that reflects your personal or family style, but this will prevent visual distractions in the photos and lets everyone shine.

2. Color:
Colors are best if they are complementary, from a triad or analogic palette of colors. Different shades and different hues of the same color are great too. If you have a little time, check out, a great web utility to play with colors for inspiration or affirmation.

Coordinating a group for a shoot is a team effort... color should 'work together'. No dressing everyone in jeans white shirts! Mix it up and wear what fits your personality for sure, but follow the two basic guidelines and you'll be happier with the results.

There are other factors of course, like skin tones, location, time of day and time of year to name a few. Feel free to text me quick pics of your outfit ideas or contact me if you have any more questions, we can talk through it.

Note about larger groups:

This can be especially tough, particularly if not everyone lives in the same town. Make use of modern tech and text outfit ideas to each other. Please bounce ideas by me too.

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