Sean Malone, Photographer

Thanks, Mums and Pops!

My dad shared his Canon AE-1, some darkroom gear, loads of bulk film and paper, and his love for photography with me when I was in the single digits.

Our little family farm was a perfect setting to explore light, lines, shape, texture, mood, life. To make a photograph that captures the life as I felt it, in 2 dimensions, was a consummate challenge. I spent countless sleepless nights in a darkroom (aka laundry room) to transform images from 'negs' to prints, focused with obsessive curiosity and drive to realize what I saw through the lens on silver halide.

So Pops, I have you to thank for my love of photography. And Mums, you for your boundless creative spirit, positive energy, and a smile that lights up the world.

The discovery and magic of capturing stories of people, places, things are stronger than ever. But, I've also also purloined ethos for 20 years building software experiences ( as a designer turned product manager & entrepreneur.

Call (415-843-1311) or mail me any time, I always love to hear from new people and old friends.

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