Sean Malone, Photographer


  1. Visit to Gilmore’s to send Ian and Jameson to 8th Graders Dance

    08 Jun 2019

  2. Ride to the Park

    11 May 2017
    Ian came with Fiona and me to Peacock Park this evening, to check for any dogs to pet, and just hang. No agenda, no time constraints…these are some of my favorite moments of the day. Life should be full of these.

  3. Water Skeeter Mini Adventure

    16 Jan 2017
    Fiona had water skeeters on her mind so at dusk we ventured out to find some. Fiona is my adventure companion…always up for a walk, hike, ride, to explore. Normally she’s in the water, getting dirty and discovering the natural world too often squandered. Her love for creatures and living…

  4. 3rd Annual Wine Pairing Dinner

    09 Jul 2014
    Michelle, Steve, Meredith & Bill put on another simply amazing Wine Pairing Dinner school fundraiser. Thank you for the fantastic evening everyone. Looking very forward to next year! Absolutely amazing desert by Kate Brooks.

  5. Stroll to Dinner with My Girl

    03 Jul 2014
    On thing I never realized before having a daughter is just how adorable she’d be in a skirt and Converse on a bike at 5.

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